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Just as I am

Just As I Am

by Heather L Campbell
July 27, 2008

Only one loves me
Just as I am
He reaches out
And holds my hand

I was born imperfect
I broke many a rule
He still loved me
When I acted the fool

He was the one
Drying my tears
When I was down
All through the years

When I gave up
And lost all hope
He lifted me up
And taught me to cope

He had a plan
I could not see
He never gave up
He believed in me

Just as I am
With feet of clay
Going outside with
People looking away

He saw some worth
In my life with mistakes
I gave him my heart
As he died for my sake


With his whole heart
Just as I am
He loves me despite

From him I once ran

I never deserved
The love that he gives
Nor am I due the
Eternal life that I'll live

I never lived up
To anyone's plans
No worldly successes
No adoring fans

But what matters most
Is the love of the lamb
Who died for me
Just as I am


Poems by Heather Campbell

I Feel It Real

by Heather L. Campbell

July 14, 2001


Full is my heart
Deep with great love
For one who came
From up above.
Our Lord is just
And true His ways.
So often do
I feel His gaze.
As I walk here
Down my life's path
Or cry a tear
Or laugh a laugh.
I know He is
Right here by me,
With arms open,
To comfort me.
How can I know
That He is real?
All I know is,
I feel it real.
I feel His touch,
Upon my soul,
As life goes by
And I grow old.
I feel His Love
In me each day,
Changing my views,
Changing my ways.
I feel His strength
That has changed me,
From who I was,
To who I'll be.


Jesus Has Me By The Hand
by Heather L. Campbell
September 24, 1999

It's amazing I have Jesus,

It's amazing I have his love,
It's amazing God sent Him,

Down here from up above.
What a friend I have in Jesus,

What a friend He is indeed,
For in my walk with Jesus,

He meets my every need.
I treasure each new day

I am here in this space,
I treasure all my life,

Serving Jesus in this place.
Although you see these words,

You may not understand...
But that's okay with me,

Jesus has me by my hand.
He reminds me everyday

Of the sunshine of His love,
When I walk outside and

Feel warmth from up above.
I'm certainly not a preacher,

I'm certainly not a man,
I may not look like much,

But Jesus has me by the hand.
I almost walked away from Him,

I was almost dead and gone,
Jesus never failed me,

I know I was the one.
He never gave up on me,

I never lost His love,
He was always by my side,

As gentle as a dove.
He watched me in my agony,

And he took away my tears,
He held me close in his arms,

Then took away my fears.
Words don't always express,

The love for Him I feel,
I'm a living witness that

Jesus's love is very real.

Someday he will return

He'll take us all above

No longer is there pain

We will all bask in his love

He told of us Gods plan

When our days are done

Praise God our dear Father,

Holy Spirit and the Son!



The Ultimate War

by Heather L Campbell

May 4, 2000




The battle line was drawn as the soldiers went to war.

There was so much at stake, so much worth fighting for.

The army marched into battle with the armor that they wore

Some fell down, couldn't go on, others went back in for more.

The battle raged on fully, the strength came from within.

The enemy keep coming back as the battleground was sin.

"Can God still love you, after you went and did all that?"

"You are no better than the rest", the enemy attacked.

Some may seem that they lost the bitterest battle of them all,

You'll still see them up in heaven, standing up real tall.

Jesus is amongst them, they didn't suffer here in vain,

Although they left the battle, they didn't miss the train.

They rode that train to Heaven, no matter what you heard.

They did believe in Jesus, yes, they believed in every word.

The enemy attacked with thoughts he put them in the ground.

They seem to have given up, but dear Jesus did not let them down.

It does seem they lost the battle but they didn't lose the war,

Jesus said "Believe in me" and that's what He came here for

Although you hear they're forsaken, that's another lie, it is.

I believe that Jesus meant it when He said that we are His.



Angelenas Poetry




Hello Mommy, let me introduce myself

, I'm your child, or at least I will be,

I'm very tiny right now.


Hello Mommy, I'm a little bigger now.

 I wonder if you even know I'm here yet,

 I'm still very tiny.


Hello Mommy, guess what,

 I've got 10 toes and 10 fingers!


I don't really know what that thing down there is..


. Hello Mommy, I can hear your voice.

I can't wait to meet you, you sound so nice,

 I know I love you already.


 Mommy, you sound upset, what's wrong?

 I don't understand, what does in con ven ient mean?

 Don't you want me Mommy?










One more time Mommy.


There's a man here,

 He says his name is Jesus,

And he's here to take me home.

Mommy, I want you to know that I forgive you

, and I will always love you.

Goodbye Mommy.






I started this life beaten and bruised

And horribly abused

. Satan thought he'd won,

 But soon his plans would be undone

, because here I stand, my Bible in hand

 Because of what Jesus did for me VICTORY!


 I have fought she good fight.

I could have gone left but I went right.

 It has been so hard to stand,

Yet here I stand, with my Bible in hand

. Because of what Jesus did for me VICTORY!


Now this race has almost been won,

 And this life is almost done.

Soon I will see him face to face.

Thank God for his amazing grace!

 I still stand, my Bible in hand

. Because of what Jesus did for me VICTORY!



 Sometimes I wonder, what if I was English.

 I could say things like jolly good and cheerio,

 But I may need to courtesy though if I was English.

As those cute little mop tops bow at the end of the show

 I think you just never know, what if I was English.

 What dreams I have, such grandiose notions?

 To think that I could have been born on the other side of the ocean.

 As strange as it may seem it's still an amusing dream

, that always makes me smile, whatever my life may bring,

 wondering all the while what if I was English.





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