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Let me introduce Grace Gayle

wow this ladies teaching is awesome. Grace has a blog and I saw it the other day and it has totally blessed my heart. Grace will be adding videos and teaching on here hope you are truly blessed

"From victim to Victor" A book for those who are hurting

This is her story

This is my story

This parable about the prodigal son is my story, and it’s your story.  

Many times, Satan afflicts a deep emotional wound upon the heart of a young child. He does this so that he can have a foothold in their life. With this wound he can cause the future adult not to be able to trust God. He can cause his victim to feel worthless, or to think God can’t love him or her as an individual.

A deep wound can turn into bitterness resulting in anger at God. Then he feeds you the lie- “God is not good, He does not love you and He cannot be trusted.”

 If you don’t have a healthy view of who God is, you can’t have a healthy perception of who you are as His child. Distressing emotional wounds prevent a child of God from growing in his or her faith. If we don’t know who we are in Christ or what our benefits are as God’s children, our spiritual walk will be weakened. We will limp from crisis to crisis, wondering if God truly is good and if He really does care. 

Such was the situation in my life. I had been traumatically wounded as a child. I couldn’t grow deep in my relationship with my Heavenly Father because my wounds prevented me from really being able to trust Him. As an adult in my mid thirties, going through my healing journey, I had a lot of anger. 

Someone asked me if I was angry with God. I replied, “I can’t be angry with God.”  “Yes, you can,” he said. “He already knows you’re angry with Him, so you might as well be honest and talk to Him about it.”

Although prior to this time in my life, I had a strong faith, I now believed the lie, “God was not good and He could not be trusted”. Later, during my healing journey I discovered that although I believed God loved me and sent His Son to die for my sin, I really didn’t believe at my emotional level God loved me as an individual. 

You can read about my healing journey in my book, “From Victim to Victor” By Grace Gayle.

Our Heavenly Father has a plan for our lives even though we have rebelled against Him. He has plans to favour us and make us successful. He gives us hope and a promising future. If we seek Him, He will bring us back from bondage to whatever has taken control of our lives.   



Turn on the light

Please turn on Your light,
illuminate all the dark corners of my heart.
Show me the wounded areas,
that need a touch from Your healing hands.

Give me the courage I need,
to face the truth about my childhood.
For Your Truth will set me free.

Give me strength, 
to let myself feel my emotions.
Such pain is necessary,
That I may heal.

Healing takes time.
Help me understand, 
That each painful moment today,
may heal a memory of yesterday.

Cradle me in the palm of Your hand,
so that anything that touches me,
must be first sifted through,
Your loving fingers.

Lord, I trust You,
to guide my footsteps,
along Your chosen path,
for my healing. 

copyright Grace Gayle

Healing Hands which is from her book From victim to victor

I was a shattered crystal vase
lying there in pain.
I had such very little hope 
of being whole again.

I laid in a thousand fragments
crushed beyond repair.
You tenderly gathered up each piece 
and glued with loving-care.

Your hands, they never tired.
Your comfort never ceased.
until the crystal vase once more
stood there without a crease.

Jesus, I’m truly grateful.

My God I offer praise.
For through Your loving nail pierced hands 
You’ve healed this broken vase. 

copyright From the book From Victim to Victor by Grace Gayle

Jesus Did You

Jesus, did You hold the wounded women in Your day?
Did You gather them in Your arms?
Did You draw them to Your breast?

Jesus, did You hold the woman of Samaria,
While, she talked of all her years?
As she wracked with painful sobs,
Did You wipe away her tears?

Jesus, did You hold the adulterous woman,
When they threw her at Your feet?
Did You lift her with compassion?
Did your hand caress her cheek?

 Jesus, did You hold the weeping prostitutes,
When they cried out in their shame?
did You squeeze their trembling shoulders?
did You call each one by name?
Jesus did You?

 Jesus, would You hold the wounded women in my day?
Would You gather them in Your arms?
Would You draw them to Your breast?

Jesus, would You hold this wounded woman,
Shattered by rejection and abuse?
Would You rock her, oh so gently?
Would You heal her for Your use?
Jesus, would You, please?
John 4:4-29; 39-42;  John 8:2-11;  Luke 7:36-50
Copyright from the book From Victim to Victor by Grace Gayle

video on Understanding Depression

this is good

forgiveness in healing

this is the second part



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  • "at church yesterday we heard from a lovely guy who had been saved from drugs and the mob it was an amazing testimony about the power of forgiveness will get him to write it down..."
  • "this is the page for you will be adding some new one check back regularly "
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