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And shall I not declare


Habakkuk 3 v 18


And shall I not declare?
That you are my God
that you are my king
that you reign supreme?


Shall I not declare?
Your mighty name
among this weak and weary land?


Shall I not declare?
Your mighty works
of mercy grace and love
tell me God why not?


“You shall indeed declare my truth says the Lord
Speak out my awesome truths
just humble yourself
and know my name”


“Your name is I am” said I
you have always been here
Watching the world grow old
and seeing it die in pain”


The lord said unto me “my thoughts are higher”
Then your thoughts
my thoughts are deeper
than the deepest sea
Declare my name
in all the earth
and set the captives free


“To live in love and unity
Go forth in power
Go forth and be bold
Uphold my justice
my mercy and grace”


“Call all the nations
to unite
for my time is drawing near
when the trumpet will sound
with a mighty blast”.


“When I return
and bring you home
my beautiful bride
to the place that I have prepared”


Never doubt my very word
Speak out my truth and love
Declare to the nations all aboard
that I am the king of kings


And shall I not look said I
to the mountains and the seas
and fill my heart with awesome joy
And praise your mighty deeds


Shall I not declare?
That you are my God
that you are my king
and that you reign supreme


Shall I not look up to the glory of God
and lay down every worry and fear
shall I not declare the glory of God?
Which rules the heavens and the earth?


Shall I not declare?
Your mighty works oh Lord
King of the nation’s
Ruler of all the earth


I will go forth
in joy and peace
and declare your mighty works
among these nations of wrath


I will speak your holy name
your endless love and grace
I will lose my very tongue
of the things that hold me back







  • "at church yesterday we heard from a lovely guy who had been saved from drugs and the mob it was an amazing testimony about the power of forgiveness will get him to write it down..."
  • "this is the page for you will be adding some new one check back regularly "
    have you got a testimony
    looking for new ones

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