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Jesus my saviour v Satan the accuse

Posted by julies.poetry on April 6, 2014 at 9:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Once I dreamt upon a room.

With me and Satan and GOD

I stood before an alter bare

And Satan started to glare.


I am Satan the accuser, the father of all lies.

You stand condemned before me for all your sinful past.

You’ve listened to my thoughts and lies

You’ve gone the way I’ve told you too

So now its time for you to die


I am God her Lord and Savior

And there stands my precious child

I’VE loved her and lead her and now she is mine

So now it is time for her to live.


In a flash of light and a trumpet call

Gods son appeared on the alter bare

I saw the wounds of sacrifice

And I knew I’d been redeemed.


There lies before you my precious child

who I sent to set the captives free

her sin and shame is washed away

And because of my son she is truly free


Satan couldn’t stand before the truth

So he left with nothing to say

My father embraced me and gave me his peace

And lead me back to my room


That night I slept such a peaceful sleep

And when I woke in the morning light

I knew his love I knew his peace.

And laid my life down at his feet


The father loved us with a love so strong

That Jesus died, a sacrifice for me

He gave his life so freely for us

Now what can we do for him


He is Christ the over comer and in him we can live

Through trials and pressure joys and woes

And spend an eternity praising him

If we kneel and give him our lives



A word to the church

Posted by julies.poetry on April 6, 2014 at 9:40 AM Comments comments (0)

My presence is there in the praises of my people

MY presence is there when my children pray

My fullness is there when lives are submitted

My leading is there when you draw near


My face will shine in the midst of the darkness

My hand shall guide you always

My eyes shall look upon my people

My ears will hear their every prayer


My power will fall upon the church

I will lead you forward In power and might

Touch that heart that was closed from me

And I will show you how to show my love


I will open there eyes to see the truth

I will open their heart to receive my love

I will open their ears to hear the good news

I will open their mouths so my word will go fourth


Praise releases the fathers love

Praise lifts your heart up to my throne

Praise begins when a heart is true

And the mind is focused on me

I will through you plant my tree

When all my people bend their knee


Words mean little without my power

Actions mean little without my love

Praise means little without your heart

Prayer means little without your faith


The coming King

Posted by julies.poetry on October 9, 2012 at 1:25 AM Comments comments (0)

There’s a stillness In the mountains

There’s a calm across the sea

There’s a peace around the valleys

As creation waits expectantly


We’re waiting for our saviour

With saving grace and favour

To come and take us home to thee,

When we have won, the victory


Our eyes will lift to the sky above

And the trumpet blast will sound

We shall arise in a flick of the eye

As on a white horse our saviour will ride


The world will see he is the King

The creator of the earth

He has come again

New birth to bring


The final shout. The final call

Will shake the heavens to the core

The mountains high will quake and fall

A sight never seen or heard before


But we his people will have no fear

For we are, his children dear

And the bible tells us clear

Our saviours return is ever near


So tell me are you ready

To meet him in the sky

To give him all the glory

And live an eternity


© Julie clark


Unity among my people

Posted by julies.poetry on March 1, 2012 at 2:15 AM Comments comments (0)


Unite in His mercy

Unite in His grace

Unite in His love

Unite in His peace


We are a mightyarmy

Moving across thisland

Taking daily thesword of truth

To a lost anddying world.


We are a shiningcandle

Burning in thelight

Spreading Godslight to all the world

To the world indarkness now


We bring Gods handof healing

To a sick andhurting land

We trust in theGod of miracles

And follow wherehe leads


The time isdrawing nearer

With every beat ofour heart

The body of Christget ready

For He is comingsoon 


Keep walking

Posted by julies.poetry on December 31, 2011 at 4:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Keep walking in my way

And I will guide you through

Keep walking in my spirit

And I will make, your mind anew


Keep walking in my word

And I will show you the way

Keep walking in my Love

And I will teach you how to pray


Keep walking in my peace

And I will calm the storm

Keep walking in my hope

There's no need to feel forlorn


When you walk with me

Every step of the way

Your life is complete

No matter what people say


Trust in me with all your heart

There is no reason to fear

I am your everlasting friend

To me you are ever, precious and dear