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come my precious child

Posted by julies.poetry on January 24, 2018 at 1:05 AM Comments comments (0)
Come my child My precious child Sit and listen as I tell you Wonders of my grace and love When your sad And when your weary When your heart doubts and fears Still come and sit with me Lift your eyes upon Upon the hill top Where the eagle swoops and dives Where the clouds drop falling rain Lift your eyes And see the flower Sitting there upon the hill Did I not make each tiny leaf Lift your eyes To the gentle shore Hear waves gently lapping As they break upon the shore Still your heart And still your mind Trust in me where ere you go And I will guide you through Through the mountains Through the valleys Past pain and failures and woes Past victory against your foes Look upon me Precios child See the love light in my eye See the cross upon the hill Stand before me Give me your sin My blood will cleanse and heal you And your life will be free and whole

Touch from God

Posted by julies.poetry on January 18, 2015 at 2:45 AM Comments comments (0)

I lay my all

On the alter of the Lord 

In full and sweet surrender 

Nothing will i withhold


My life that meant so much to me 

Now broken before my matchless king 

Drained of hope and love and peace 

What more is left within


A flashing light and a trumpet loud 

And jesus appears by my side 

I know you are hurting, can't go on 

But I will heal your every part


I love you my Child 

That's why I died for you 

I've watched you as you grew 

And went your weary way


Only when you come to me

Can I speak life to you 

Fill your life with hope and peace 

And heal your broken heart


Oh lord my saviour and my king 

To you I bow on blended knee

Ready to give my life to you 

Ready to be set free


Then with a smile 

With a warm embrace 

Jesus my saviour 

Came into my life


The warmth and love 

The joy and the peace 

Flooded my every part 

And his healing began to flow


My heart cried out 

Oh lord what can I do 

To repay this wonderful gift 

To serve you as I ought


Go into the world my precious child 

Tell them the love you have found 

Be an example of who I am 

And make disciples of all


The Lord disappeared 

But still I'm at peace 

His spirit is with me still 

And I am never alone

Jesus my saviour v Satan the accuse

Posted by julies.poetry on April 6, 2014 at 9:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Once I dreamt upon a room.

With me and Satan and GOD

I stood before an alter bare

And Satan started to glare.


I am Satan the accuser, the father of all lies.

You stand condemned before me for all your sinful past.

You’ve listened to my thoughts and lies

You’ve gone the way I’ve told you too

So now its time for you to die


I am God her Lord and Savior

And there stands my precious child

I’VE loved her and lead her and now she is mine

So now it is time for her to live.


In a flash of light and a trumpet call

Gods son appeared on the alter bare

I saw the wounds of sacrifice

And I knew I’d been redeemed.


There lies before you my precious child

who I sent to set the captives free

her sin and shame is washed away

And because of my son she is truly free


Satan couldn’t stand before the truth

So he left with nothing to say

My father embraced me and gave me his peace

And lead me back to my room


That night I slept such a peaceful sleep

And when I woke in the morning light

I knew his love I knew his peace.

And laid my life down at his feet


The father loved us with a love so strong

That Jesus died, a sacrifice for me

He gave his life so freely for us

Now what can we do for him


He is Christ the over comer and in him we can live

Through trials and pressure joys and woes

And spend an eternity praising him

If we kneel and give him our lives



Let you back in

Posted by julies.poetry on April 6, 2014 at 3:45 AM Comments comments (0)


If only I'd let you back into my life

If only I'd let go of my pride

your love would embrace me.

Like the wings of a dove

you’d lift me up high to the heavens above

Bring me comfort joy and peace.

If only I'd let you back into my life


So many fears that aren't from you

Pride and fears oh why oh Lord

Why am I so wrapped up in myself

That I am so blind and cant feel your love

Lord help me to love you help me to see

Your the only light at the end of the tunnel

Oh lift me father by your heavenly love

And lead me to Jesus the cross and true joy