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Quotes this is the page for you will be adding some new one check back regularly Quotes
have you got a testimony
looking for new ones

Quotes on the documents page is a wounderful testimony from a gut who become a christian after eing born a muslim very nice go and have a look bless him for his honesty and love for Christ Quotes
rev Iqbal danial

Quotes one of our members fathers had a stroke and was in hospital he was not a firm beliver in God and never talked about christian things. one evening a relative was praying and he was told that he was going to be healed the next day The next day they sat on the side of the bed and put the foot down and the strngth returned by the end of the day he was discharged and he has totally changed he can now longer not talk about Jesus and the power of healing that he felt I do intend to get some written testimony foor these so watch this space Quotes
Suzanes Dad
stroke healing

Quotes at church yesterday we heard from a lovely guy who had been saved from drugs and the mob it was an amazing testimony about the power of forgiveness will get him to write it down so I can post it Quotes

Quotes andrew is now at level three b tech music is septmber he has done soo well to get through his first year of colege but come september he will have to focus as t is a two yr course and lots more course work Quotes
julie clark
Son in next course at college

Quotes morning Julie, how are you today? Just been reading the testimony you put on living waters page, You can tell Christine, that the Lord has renamed her as she wished, her new name is hope in abundance. He has given her that name as He has chosen her to spread hope to everyone she meets. When she enters a room, people will say here comes hope, for today and tomorrow. Quotes
roberta stone
response to testimony

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