Journey Into Hope

poems to encourage challenge and make you think

On this page I will be sharing with you some of the poems and devotions that I have written in my book




All I want is a little respect

I am not stupid as you suspect

I don’t need the whispers I don’t need the stares

As if to say we really don’t care


I am a normal human being

And all of my life I’ve hearing and seeing

Your reactions to the sight of my chair

And me the person it has to bare


I feel, I love the same as you

I need to be loved my someone too

So come and say hi oh please please do

Because I am only human too


Just because I have this chair

Still at night I cook my meals

I take the hand that my life may hold

So to this chair I put this seal


Of approval not of hate

And now at last I have found my Kate

I always knew it was never too late

For me a loving wife to take


So remember me when you see a chair

And take the time to really care

There is so much to give, so much to share

With a man in the corner in a wheel chair


 this is the first section of my book journey into hope I hope you enjoy it

New book out  very exciting



with poems about prayer praise promises and parables

Fantastic testimony from a friend who has been touched by my poems

Testimony from a friend for my book

     Julia Clark has been such an encouragement to my life. We met online over four years ago, and to this day our conversation is as fresh and as joyful as the greeting of a new found friend. One thing I have always desired to do; was to watch a rose grow in real time. And this is what our friendship has been like to me; God has allowed me the mercy to see his daughter grow in real time; to watch her stem of faith rise- to watch the pedals of her compassion spread, and to witness the color of her faithfulness shine as the light on a beautiful summer’s day.
      I have been blessed to know a mother of her children, a friend to the friendless, and a child of God that gives confirmation to the chosen, and hope to the godless. Her poetry invites us all to see the beauty and the reality of God’s love for us all. No matter your walk in life, you will find a sincere thread of fellowship and encouragement in the Lord through reading the poetry of this dear daughter of God.
      I was asked to give an introduction to her newest writing in the Lord. Yet the Lord moved by heart to give a testimony of how dear her poetry has been to me. God speaks through her writings in a way that reflects what is true in the Spirit and what is genuine in the love of God. With expressions of words woven together until a blanket of warmth covers the chill of cold that this world can place upon a person’s heart. Bestowing peace upon the seeking soul aiming to confirm their own journey and love for God. I find that I can relate to every word spoken, because they are spoken in the Spirit of the Living God. And as each of us has our place in that Spirit, we each also shall find a common edification through her writings. I give God the glory for this wonderful woman of God, whom has touched my life in ways that I can’t express.
     I pray that you are as blessed by her writings as I am, and that you are able to look into the things of God through her words, and to feel an intimacy that we all should be able to relate to in the Lord. These writings are not just expressions of emotion, but rather they are also testimonies of a journey in the Lord that has led to you and me reading these poems at this moment. For we as clouds are witnesses that the children of God gather under one heaven, and are full of the joy of a rain that falls together in unity; and upon the same earth. Thus may we all be encouraged to share the gifts God has poured into us, seeking to rain upon and to bless the children of God upon this earth by lifting their awareness into the heavens; placing the hearts of men before the throne of God by the love expressed in our testimonies, and through our gifts.  Be encouraged in reading these songs of truth, yes; that’s what I call them, songs from the throne of God, played to the tune of our individual need for God, and expressed as a testimony of how God can bless and comfort those needs.
Love you Julia, I thank God for all that He does through your life-
Your Brother George <3


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