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                                                         This year Events and updates

We thank God  for your prayers and support, this year we have a fix dates for serving the Lord. This is the year that the Lord has made. Events are as follows:

1)    Women Conference scheduled for 23rd to 26th/4/2015.

2)    Fundraising for Malaba church building scheduled for 7th/6/2015.

3)    Purchasing of Ministry Church instruments.

4)    Great convention on September.

You can see how the dates are so squeezed but we have arranged on how to manoeuvre.

Maureen is a girl who came from a poor family, she is suffering from mouth disease, she will is feeling pain now. The doctor took the specimen to the laboratory, so we are waiting the result if possible she will be operated next week but one, which will cost $500.


I want to start a Computer training centre here, that will help me to support orphans, widows and youths. May God bless you my dear sister Julia for your support and prayer. I know the one who start a good work in you will complete it in Jesus name.



Thank you, let me know if you need something else to add there. Much greetings.


David Otieno

I met this very special Guy on Facebook and he has a real love and fire for Jesus in Kenya 

I am so very touched in my heart for this man and all the work that he does for his saviour and the wonderful people around him  

will be sharing news and updates of him on this page. He has blessed me with love support and prayers especially for my son and my future daughter in law

if you go to the photo gallery there is a whole album full of wonderful photos of children adults and wonderful country  




·                     Provide Care and support for the less privileged e.g. ovc and widows at all levels



·      Crusades, Rallies, Convention, Door to Door Evangelism,



·         Opsakwa Cree Nation (OCN) Kenya Academy – a Low Cost Quality Education for children in Kenya

·         Music School for the Children.




·         Textile Development

·         Agribusiness

·         Information Access Centre

·         General Automotive & Driving Training

·         Community Learning Centers and Library facilities



·         Promote income generation for self reliance

·         Facilitate Entrepreneurship programmes

·         Establish Agricultural programmes

·         Form Social Clubs in institutions of learning

For more information on how to participate


His facebook page is







Jesus is our Hope Ministry is registered in Kenya under Society’s ACT of the republic of Kenya.  We are working to support community driven activities that we hope will provide a sound development for the community especially children in Kenya. The Ministries main activities are to be located in Malaba Kenya and will spread to other regions especially Siaya, Busia, Kisumu and Homabay Counties.


The Ministry is aimed to provide a sound community driven socio - economic solutions to communities that strengthen their spiritual and material development. This is to be achieved through trainings to ensure sustainable spiritual and material wealth creation.



Our Mission is to share God's love and empower lives to become productive members of society through spiritual, educational, health care, social and economic development projects.



To Carry out missionary work on a biblical basis as exemplified in the great commission as given by the lord and the master Jesus Christ – Mathew 28: 16-20 Mark16:15 – 20 & Acts 1: 8




To work towards the spiritual betterment and Social Welfare of Christians who have accepted the faith through Community Driven Capacity Building Information gathering/research, documentation and dissemination Initiating/Establishing community resource centers



·   Interdenominational Crusades, Rallies, Conventions

·   Establishment of Children Learning Centers

·   Environment Conservation -Tree Nursery & Planting

·   Community Information Access Centre

·   Encourage Community Driven Agribusiness – Livestock Farming & Green House

·   Develop Cottage Industries


Way forward

·               FaciliSavings & Investment. This includes urban and rural lending, Community owned Banking, and Asset development strategies.

·               Community Investment. This comprises Consumer-owned businesses, Social businesses, and Social investment.

·               Entrepreneurial of Entrepreneurship. This involves small-business development, hands-on learning, technical know-how culminating in self-employment, and life skills development.

·               Dynamic Social Network. This involves sharing resources, local and global interdependence, and mobilization of social networks.


·  Must be 18 years & above

·  Must have identity card

·   Pay 200/= Membership

·   Training fee (will depend with each Course & Duration)

·  Must be doing business or  ready to start one

·  Be ready to learn new skills


new photos

here are a few new photos about what David is doing  a written one is following soon

photos  from David Otieno

   Davids new photos

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